Altersempfehlung: 14+

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And So Bitter Cold

Sixteen-year-old Lucinda is beautiful, fun-loving and shines like a star. Her younger sister Malina idolises her, as Lucinda teaches her about life – real life, the life led by the courageous and the truly alive. It is almost as if Lucinda lives in a completely different world according to her own relentless rules. For the people around her, loving Lucinda means coming to terms with the fact that they will never truly be close to her. That’s just how stars are. And sometimes they fall from the sky and burn out. Just like that.

The novel on which this production is based provides an intense, claustrophobic and extremely dense portrayal of Lucinda’s passion for life in a world caught between an obsession for self-optimisation and quests for meaning. One visible indication of Lucinda’s attempt to break free of established norms and conventions is her anorexia, which gives her the feeling of autonomous self-determination.

Based on the novel of the same name (published by Fischer Verlag).

A production of “Schwester u.a. Gastspiele GbR” with the support of Theater Marabu. A coproduction with Asphalt Festival Düsseldorf.

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Autorin: Lara Schützsack
Bearbeitung: Claus Overkamp & Ensemble
Regie: Claus Overkamp
Dramaturgie: Tina Jücker
Ausstattung: Regina Rösing
Lichtkonzept: Bene Neustein
Spiel: Manuela Neudegger, Julia Hoffstaedter
Aufführungsrechte: Verlag der Autoren
Premiere: 14. Juli 2016 im Rahmen des Asphalt Festivals Düsseldorf
Fotos: Ursula Kaufmann