Altersempfehlung: 7+

ikarus karte360° children’s theatre: Icarus and his father Daedalus are trapped in the labyrinth. The audience members are right in the middle of things, too, and they watch as the two protagonists attempt to find their way out. Icarus has a great deal of questions for his father: Who shut us in here and why? Will we be able to escape? Will we ever have a home again? As they search for the right path to take, the two wander about, become lost and find their way back together again. Then Icarus gives his father an idea. Together, they experience an unforgettable moment of freedom and happiness. Told with simple means amidst the audience, this poetic father & son story brings the old legend to life.

Private showings of this production are available as school events. Simply set up an exclusive performance time for us to come to your school or for your class to come to the theatre. This play can also be performed as an open-air production !!!

Autoren: B.Neustein, C.Overkamp, Ch.Schidlowsky
Regie: Christian Schidlowsky
Mit: Bene Neustein, Claus Overkamp
Zielgruppe: Kinder ab 7 Jahre u. Erwachsene (maximal 100 Zuschauer)
Spieldauer: 50 Minuten
Uraufführung: 16.September 2005
Rechte: Theaterstückverlag Korn-Wimmer
Fotos: Ursula Kaufmann