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Unimaginable riches on the one side, unbearable poverty on the other. Hundreds of thousands are forced to flee from war and hunger while Europe puts up fences in an effort to keep misery out. The world in its contradictions could hardly be more drastically apparent than it is right now.

Gerhard Meister describes this world and asks how we come to terms with being part of a world order that relentlessly produces hardship and misery. How we are able to continue living in a relative state of prosperity in the knowledge that this wealth somehow correlates with the destitution of others.

The youth troupe Junges Ensemble debates these contradictions, illustrates them, gets wrapped up in them and searches for a way to escape them. Funny and sad at the same time, the production brings to light the inner turmoil of carefree and fun-loving youth in a world that no longer excuses looking the other way.

A production by the youth troupe Junges Ensemble Marabu.

Eine Produktion des Jungen Ensemble Marabu

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Autor: Gerhard Meister in einer Bearbeitung von Tina Jücker, Claus Overkamp
Künstlerische Leitung / Regie: Tina Jücker, Claus Overkamp
Kostüme: Regina Rösing
Lichtkonzept: Bene Neustein
Spiel:  Jana Brass, Sarah Braun, Leandra Hoffmann, Joshua Koch, Sophia Reifenmrath, Lea Reihl, Paula Veenema, Lea Weber
Zielgruppe: Jugendliche ab 14 Jahre
Spieldauer: 70 Minuten
Anzahl der Mitwirkenden: 7D, 1H
Premiere:  26.August 2016
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