Altersempfehlung: 5+

‘Hast du schon gehört?’ (Have you heard?). Play with music. For adults and children from the age of five

Following their prize-winning theatre piece ‘The Bear that wasn’t there’, co-produced with the Beethovenfest in 2017, Theater Marabu will present a new piece for children: ‘Hast du schon gehört?’ (Have you heard?). Once again it will be a Beethovenfest première. This play with music deals with fear and its causes: ‘Once upon a time the animals lived happy and content alongside each other, and none was afraid of the other. But from the moment the word ‘wolf’ fell like a bolt out of the blue, their moods grew darker and their peace and tranquillity came to an end. Fear spread among the animals, and it grew every time the story was told, creating a monster that would strike fear even into a wolf. But no animal had ever seen the wolf since he was chased away years ago …’ An illustrative story that tells of the damage that can be caused by an unrealistic urge to exaggerate. The political history of our country could offer a few examples.

Koproduktion von Theater Marabu, Beethovenfest Bonn und dem Jungen Nationaltheater Mannheim in Kooperation mit der Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Köln und der Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft.

Stückentwicklung: Ensemble
Komposition: Eifler/Gubesch/Spieß
Musikkonzept: Claus Overkamp, Markus Reyhani
Regie: Claus Overkamp
Ausstattung: Regina Rösing
Performance / Musik:  Tina Jücker /  Silas Eifler,  Tobias Gubesch, Leonhard Spieß
Lichtdesign: Bene Neustein
Musik- & Theaterpädagogik: Melina Delpho, Marion Leuschner, Arno Krokenberger
Dauer: 50 Minuten