Altersempfehlung: 1+

Poisoned apples, bloody shoes, wicked stepmothers – fairytales are often gruesome.
Children in fairytale stories have to fight against the forces of evil and solve complex tasks before they are able to reach a happy end. Not so different from the adventure games which kids such as Hans and Grete play nowadays.

Siblings Hans and Grete don’t want to go home. Too many problems are waiting for them there. To combat their boredom, they begin to invent stories. In doing so, they create a fantastic world all their own and immerse themselves in it: a mix of fairytales, computer games and real-life experiences.

“Good Game Gretel” takes a look at how we deal with family problems and loneliness while examining how readily we lose ourselves in games, seized by the thrill of overcoming obstacles and regaining control over our own decisions.

Directed by: Christina Schelhas
Scenery and costumes: Barbara Lenartz
Dramaturgy: Claus Overkamp
Research: Alina Rohde – as a part of the NRW Independent Children’s and Youth Theatre Scholarship
Featuring: Alina Rohe, Henning Jung
Theatre education: Melina Delpho
Sound collage: Tobias Gubesch
Lighting design: Bene Neustein

From 15-18 April there will be a children’s theatre project based on this production sponsored by the City of Bonn’s programme “Kulturrucksack”.