We would like to give ambitious young directors the possibility to try out their own artistic concepts under professional conditions at Theater Marabu. To this end, Theater Marabu and the booster association “marabu projekte e.V.” provide candidates with the spatial, technical and financial means for their productions. At the same time, each project is accompanied and reflected upon by a professional mentor who offers assistance in the realisation of the project.

“Theater Marabu in Bonn is exemplary in the way it looks after the next generation because its principals have realised that the independent theatre scene can and must find new ways to support its young talents. The experiences gained from Theater Marabu’s young talents programmes could be useful for the entire country.”
By Gerd Taube: Kompetenz und Schlagkraft. Die Nachwuchsförderung als Aufgabe, in: Wolfgang Schneider and Stefan Keim (eds.) (2010): “Westwind – Kinder- und Jugendtheater in Nordrhein-Westfalen”, published by Theater der Zeit, page 28.