Founded by Tina Jücker and Claus Overkamp in 1993, Theater Marabu GbR is a professional independent theatre company for young audiences with its own venue in the cultural centre “Brotfabrik” in Bonn.

We understand theatre as a place for awareness and reflection. A place for past remembrance and new discoveries. A place for regarding what once was and questioning what might one day be. It depicts the world as variable, makes us aware of possibilities and appeals to both our individual as well as our collective sense of responsibility. It speaks to us audience members as integral human beings, with both logic and passion, capable of cognitive comprehension and empathetic emotion. It lets us be human.

We are interested in stories that gaze beneath the surface and render the invisible visible. Stories that deal with the fundamental experience of human existence and touch us in elemental ways. We are constantly in search of narrative and performance methods that open up new realms and invite audiences to fill them with their own thoughts, perceptions and feelings.

Theater Marabu has presented its productions at the most significant regional and national theatre festivals and has given guest performances in 16 different countries. Its productions have received numerous awards and nominations (nominated for the George Tabori Prize and the German Theatre Award Der FAUST, among others).  In 2015, Theater Marabu was distinguished with the ASSITEJ Award for exceptional achievement in theatre for young audiences as well as the INTHEGA Award for influential, trendsetting theatre.

In 2003, the non-profit booster association marabu projekte e.V. was established with the aim of realising aesthetic, artistic and cultural education projects with children, teenagers and adults.
In our youth group Junges Ensemble Marabu (Young Ensemble Marabu, J.E.M.), we work together with teenagers to develop one production per year, which subsequently remains in the programme for an entire season.
The corresponding group for children is our Kinder Ensemble Marabu (Children’s Ensemble Marabu, K.E.M.), which was established in 2014 for children aged 10 – 13.
Moreover, with the project Nachwuchs Regie (Young Directors’ Programme) we support up-and-coming young directors in the realisation of their own theatrical concepts.

Photo: Ursula Kaufmann

Theater Marabu performs for Bonn, maintains strong networks with schools, conducts workshops and projects with classes. It tours through Germany and has many international contacts. If there were a textbook example for the extremely effective implementation of creativity, this backyard theatre company would be it.
Die Welt am Sonntag from 27.05.2012


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