“Once again, the time has come for me to run away. That’s what I do best. Cos I don’t just do it halfway. Not like: I am never ever coming back again, mark my words, and then you show up at home like five minutes later with all your sandwiches still in your backpack.”

It is winter and Pomme’s world is completely shaken up. Her father now lives in a holiday cottage, and her mother is holed up under her down blanket. Pomme is caught between her parents: She searches for the words that will make everyone get along again and is left to trudge her way through the frigid snow on her own. In honest and poetic ways, “Dear Snow” tells of what happens when a family changes and everyone is left to find new common ground. And of finally getting the snow to melt and looking forward to the spring.

A production from the young directors’ series “Nachwuchsförderung Regie im Kinder- und Jugendtheater” by marabu projekte e.V. and Theater Marabu.

Jorieke Abbing, in der Übersetzung aus dem Niederländischen von Monika The
Konzeption: Liljan Halfen & Carina Eberle
Regie: Carina Eberle
Dramaturgie: Liljan Halfen
Ausstattung: Dorothea Mines
Lichtdesign: Bene Neustein
mit: Nadja Düsterberg, Lucas Sanchez, Nika Wanderer
Aufführungsrechte: Theaterstückverlag Brigitte Korn-Wimmer & Franz Wimmer
Grafik: Dorothea Mines
Premiere: 09.09.2016

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