Altersempfehlung: 8+


They ride through the prairie on tottery old horses as they head into the sunset. They slurp their soup around the campfire and recount adventure stories of days long past, back when life was wild and dangerous and it wasn’t easy to survive. But somehow they managed and now they are able to enjoy their hard-won freedom to the fullest.

Six not particularly young people from Bonn and Bielefeld look back on their not exactly easy childhoods. In playing off of legends of the Wild West, they give us the courage to face up to life’s dangers and demonstrate tongue-in-cheek that there is always a time and a place to live your dream.

A coproduction by Theater Marabu and Theater Bielefeld for children 8 and older.

Künstlerische Leitung: Tina Jücker & Claus Overkamp
Assistenz: Marie Wicht
Dramaturgie: Beate Brieden
Spiel: Jochen Frank, Helmut Hillerns, Elke Bickelmann-Junker, Arnold Schulz, Anneliese Simons, Norbert Steidl
Lichtkonzept: Florian Hoffmann
Uraufführung: 26.02.2016
Rechte: Bei den Theatern
Fotos: Ursula Kaufmann