Altersempfehlung: 4+

02_Die Geschichte vom kleinen Onkel_Plakat

There once was a little old man who was very lonely. Even though he was very nice, nobody cared about him. Other people thought he was too short. And they also thought that he looked silly. And they didn’t like his hat very much either. So no one ever treated the man very well. Sometimes he cried at night because he felt so alone. So one day he took out a slip of paper and wrote: LONELY OLD MAN SEEKS A FRIEND and tacked it onto a tree. Pleased with himself, he then went home and waited. The little old man waited for ten days and ten nights. And on the morning of the eleventh day, he found a dog sitting by his bed.

With very few words, some poetic images and a lot of music, The Story of the Little Old Man tells of a longing for friendship and the realisation that sharing friends does not mean losing them. Based on the children’s book by Barbro Lindgren, this production invites children 4 years and older to sit among the actors onstage.

A coproduction by Theater Marabu, Theater Bonn and the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn.

Autor: Tomas von Brömssen
Musik: Markus Reyhani
Regie: Claus Overkamp
Assistenz: Anais Durand-Mauptit
Dramaturgie: Tina Jücker, Angela Merl
Ausstattung: Regina Rösing
Lichtkonzept: Bene Neustein
Spiel: Charles Ripley, Christoph Türkay

Musiker-Innen: Keunah Park, Markus Fassbender und Robert Grondzel
im Wechsel mit: Veronica Wehling, Caroline Steiner, Maren Rabien
Konzert- und Theaterpädagogik: Rose Bartmer, Birgit Günster, Christine Lauter
Aufführungsrechte: Verlag Autorenagentur, Berlin
Premiere: 20. März 2015
Fotos: Ursula Kaufmann