Am Tisch

Ten young performers in search of the right project and the role they want to play onstage as well as in real life. But time and time again, what seems plausible in theory is doomed to fail in reality. The empty space they attempt to fill was never actually vacant to being with, as it is already full of meaning, expectations, projections, dependencies and limitations. The question of “how to live and why” increasingly turns into a matter of resistance against attempts at normalisation.

Members of the youth troupe Junges Ensemble Marabu set off on an expedition through the reality of possibilities.
On their quest for the right space and the art of living the right life in a world of pretence, they encounter all sorts of allegorical characters:
Time, which refuses to stand still and makes the writer nervous.
The telephone, which is suspected of working for a market research institute or the NSA.
The fox, which is amused by humankind’s search for meaning and recommends embracing complexity instead.
Things are not going to get easier, that much is clear. All that is left is our hope for “bright prospects”.

“But if we had known / That the economy was going to run wild / The way it did run wild / Without a countermodel / And that the world was going to get bigger and bigger / And at the same time smaller and seemingly more alike / While inequality grows / And that the internet was going to come / With the potential to keep everyone informed about everything…”

A production by the youth troupe Junges Ensemble Marabu.

Sponsored by:

Written by: Martin Heckmanns
Artistic direction: Jücker/Overkamp
Costumes: Regina Rösing, Katia Köhler
Lighting design: Bene Neustein
Featuring: Sarah Braun, Philipp Distler, Kai Gerschlauer, Leandra Hoffmann, Charlotte Kaldenhoff, Joshua Koch, Alexander Preis, Aaron Schicht, Paula Veenema, Lea Weber
Duration: 70 minutes
Premiere: 01.09.2017
Performing rights: Suhrkamp Theater Verlag
Photos: Ursula Kaufmann